The Impact of Tourism on the Mombasa Safari Industry

Mombasa, located on the coast of Kenya, is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and diverse wildlife. The safari industry in Mombasa has been greatly impacted by tourism, as visitors from around the world flock to the city to experience the natural beauty of Kenya. In this blog post, we will explore the impact of tourism on Mombasa’s safari industry and highlight the experiences offered by Mombasa Air Safaris.

Tourism in Kenya

Tourism is one of the largest industries in Kenya and is a significant source of revenue for the country. According to the Kenya Tourism Board, tourism contributes to over 10% of the country’s GDP and provides employment to over 1.5 million people. Kenya’s tourist attractions are varied and include wildlife safaris, beach resorts, historical sites, and cultural experiences.

Tourist Attractions in Mombasa

Mombasa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kenya, with a range of attractions that appeal to visitors of all ages. Some of the top tourist attractions in Mombasa include:

  • Fort Jesus – a historic fort built in the 16th century by the Portuguese
  • Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage site with traditional Swahili architecture and winding streets
  • Mombasa Marine National Park – a protected area home to coral reefs and marine life
  • Haller Park – a nature reserve with wildlife, including giraffes, zebras, and hippos
  • Mombasa Beaches – beautiful stretches of sand and clear blue water perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

1 Day Safari Mombasa Kenya

A one-day safari in Mombasa is a popular way for tourists to experience the city’s natural beauty. Many tour operators in Mombasa offer one-day safari packages that include a visit to one of the nearby national parks, such as Tsavo East or Tsavo West. These parks are home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, lions, giraffes, and zebras. Visitors can experience a guided safari tour and see these animals up close in their natural habitat.

Mombasa Air Safaris

Mombasa Air Safaris is a company that provides unique air safari experiences to visitors in Mombasa. The company offers a range of packages that allow visitors to explore Kenya’s wildlife and landscapes from the air. Some of the experiences offered by Mombasa Air Safaris include:

  • Air Safari to Tsavo National Park – visitors can take a scenic flight over the park and see the wildlife from the air.
  • Air Safari to Amboseli National Park – visitors can experience stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro and see the park’s wildlife, including elephants and lions.
  • Air Safari to Masai Mara National Reserve – visitors can witness the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebras from the air.

Safari Hotel Mombasa

Mombasa has a range of safari hotels that cater to tourists looking to experience the city’s wildlife. These hotels provide a comfortable and convenient base for visitors to explore nearby national parks and reserves. Some of the top safari hotels in Mombasa include:

  • Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa – a luxury beach resort that offers safari packages to nearby parks.
  • Serena Beach Resort & Spa – a beachfront hotel that offers safari packages to Tsavo East and West National Parks.
  • Voyager Beach Resort – a family-friendly resort that offers safari packages to Shimba Hills National Reserve and Tsavo National Park.

The impact of tourism on Mombasa’s safari industry is undeniable. The influx of tourists has not only contributed to the economic growth of the city but has also played a vital role in wildlife conservation and community development. Mombasa Air Safaris, along with other tour operators, has provided visitors with unique and unforgettable experiences, allowing them to witness Kenya’s natural wonders up close.

With its diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, Kenya remains a top choice for travelers seeking an extraordinary safari adventure. So, embark on a safari journey and discover the captivating beauty of Mombasa and the rest of Kenya.