Top 5 world river cruises

From Nile to Irrawaddy, river cruises is one of the best experience to appreciate the inland landscape of each country in slow pace.
Whether it is a holiday to enjoy the romantic moments or seeking for an creative sailing routes into the less known, these top 5 world class river cruises have something for you all :

Mekong River – Connection of Vietnam and Cambodia

The Mekong itself offers beautiful setting as it runs through many fascinating countries from China to Vietnam passing Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Along its banks, there are many things to catch : colorful floating markets, unique fishing villages, incredible world heritage sites like Siem Reap or Luang Prabang onshore and it is not that all.

Sailing upstream from Vietnam on Avalon or Marguerite cruise would be one of the most enjoyable journey, witness the contrast that Vietnam and Cambodia offer.

Most of local Vietnam Tour Operator offers good price and additional excursions on land.

The Legendary Volga

Viking Cruise offers 13 days trip to explore the diversity of culture and scenery from Moscow to Saint Pretersburg, letting you a chance to soak up the quaint, famous attractions of the Kremlin and endless Russian charm illustrating from palaces to churches.

The cruise is now adding more comfort with modern facilities allowing you to relax as well connecting to the outside world.

Amazon River Adventure

This river inspires the most evocative holidays as you delve into the wild, weaving through world’s second longest streaming. It is no surprise if you see exotic animals, bird species or dolphins along the river bank.

Amazon adventure is a very interesting itinerary that is designed to exposes all  the best of Amazon. While the number of guest is limited to 18, your experience is undoubted stunning.

Irrawaddy –Cruising through the Golden Land

The bloodline of Myanmar country – Irrawaddy is the longest river in the country studded with numerous temples and pagodas on its banks. Since 2015, there are more than 5 cruise operators with different programs created to introduce the exceptional treasure of Burma in style.
For short trip, 3 to 5 days linking Mandalay with Bagan should be perfect choice to marvel the sacred 2000 pagodas of Bagan and ancient capitals of Mandalay. The longer Myanmar Cruises from Yangon to the remote far north is just as incredible as you can imagine, travelling into the unknown and see the nature at its purest.

Luxury Orcaella cruise is the newest cruise liner, featuring fantastic journey to both Irrawaddy and Chindwin river in comfort like you expect.

The Rhine, Swiss Alps and Amsterdam

Routing from Swiss Alps, the Rhine flows through

Germany’s picturesque villages and fairytale castles until it reach the canals of Amsterdam. Spring time cruise is defined as one of the most precious moments to get all blossom tulips and aromatic atmosphere into your travel time.
There is no better way to embrace to changes from one country to another like a 13 days cruise. The best of Rhine cruise is probably about its various stops where you indulge into the different cultural characters of each city.

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