Practical Tips to Save Money on your Car Rental Sydney

Everything is set: your plane tickets are ready, your clothes are already in the luggage, and you even have all the necessary things packed to care for the kids. What you don’t know yet, however, is how you will get around Sydney. The best way is still to go for a car rental sydney. However, the prospect of spending too much on that car rental frightens you. Worry not because below are ways you can save money even with the convenience or renting a car in the big city.

Check your club memberships. If you are a member of any club like Costco or AAA, you might want to check your benefits. One of the benefits in your card could be a lowered rate for most car rental sydney companies. By this alone, you should be able to not only save money on your Sydney car rental but also narrow down your choices of rental companies. If the rent itself is not part of the benefits, you might get discounts in the rental insurance, or in gas money which you could use on your Sydney car hire.

Go for a prepaid deal. Remember how your plane ticket was a tad cheaper because you booked early? In the same principle, booking earlier for your car rental sydney can save you quite a lot of money. What is an even better deal is paying even before you rent out the car. These prepaid deals are cheaper because companies appreciate it when you trust them enough to pay for the service even before you actually enjoy the service.

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What to watch out for when getting a car at the airport. Aside from the extra miles, getting your car from the airport usually sets you up with a lot of unnecessary fees. However, you can save yourself from headaches if you research ahead of time for the most reputable car rentals that you can deal with at the airport.

Check the rules for renting the car. Your car rental company might charge you more if you get fur hair on their cars, or if you travel with kids who mess up the back with their snacks when you clearly stated that you will be traveling alone. Read the fine print and make sure you answer the preliminary paper work as truthfully as possible.

Tank up before returning the car. Read the fine print of the rules because you might need to tank up your car rental sydney before returning it. The penalties of not having a full tank upon return can be pretty hefty so try to follow the rules.

Check your credit card benefits. Gas money can be bothersome. You should check your credit card benefits if you have earned enough rewards to reap it and get free gas money. In the same manner, you can check if you get any other perks like getting a discount on your car rental insurance just by owning the type of credit card that you own. The chances might be low, but it’s always worth checking.

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