Hunting in New Zealand: Explore the Real Adventures

Deemed as a recreational sport, hunting in New Zealand is one of the most popular sought after tourist activity that binds a large number of people flying in to this country all around the year. New Zealand, as a country that promotes hunting to garner tourist’s attention, takes a whole new different stance from other settlements. Quite contrary to what other developed countries do, New Zealand has no particular hunting season or bag limits as one would say. On top of that, there are a lot of game animals and the restrictions too are limited. Hence, hunting has coined itself to become one of the most favourite pastimes for natives and tourists alike.

The spirit of Hunting in this country dates back to 1860’s when New Zealand has nothing more to offer other than barren landscapes. It was right after European settlers came pouring in and introduced game hunting which saw many wild animals being brought along its trail. In due time, Recreational Hunting Areas were marked in the year of 1980 and kept open for people who love the sport of hunting. Thus, hunting became a recreational sport in New Zealand on a conservational basis. By the end of 1950, animals like red dears were marked as animal pests causing damage to the natural environ and the government had started employing professional hunters for deer culling. Hence, a whole new network of bridges and tracks were set up to gain firm access along the back country which are maintained by the Department of Conservation and are used widely for tramping purposes. Till now, the Recreational Hunting Areas are being operated by the Department of Conservation.

Hunting in New Zealand

As the hunting system stands today, New Zealand as a country offers both guided and independent hunting opportunities. Any non-resident hunter who has a firearms license that is issued by the Department of Conservation in their country is free to hunt animals within the set areas in this country. As a matter of fact, hunting backed tourism has made New Zealand one of the most popular destinations in the world, as several tourist with a passion to hunt animals like red stags  flock together from all around the globe.

For non resident hunters with no experience, this backcountry has one of the most functional and best guided hunting tours that is sure to promise an unforgettable experience for one and all tourist. It involves a great of of tactics and spot making that makes hunting a pleasurable activity. Guided hunting in New Zealand involves starting out on foot from the Lodge and then locates the game animals at a distance not more than 200 yards. However, for alpine games like Chamois and Tahr, one needs to do the early spotting in a helicopter with a qualified pilot by your side, as they are better suited in finding the best available terrain to spot such animals. Any shooting activity as such is meant to began when the game animals are at a distance of not more than 250 yards.

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